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Delivery and Control Techniques in Content Networking (DelCo) project is carried out by the networking research group at the Institute of Communications Engineering (ICE). The ultimate goal of the project is to gain understanding of challenges of digital content distribution and to create better tools for content providers, operators and users to ease the legitimate use of digital services. Such tools consists of integration and optimisation of multicast and peer-to-peer delivery systems, simple content provider interface for injecting digital content, content search functionalities and protection of content distribution network from malicious users, illegal material and viruses.


  • (20.3.2007) DelCo client and server v0.1 released.
  • (20.3.2007) Moved DelCo pages to new server and removed frames.
  • (29.1.2007) Some updates...
  • (24.4.2006) Project internal documents updated.
  • (23.2.2005) Opening of the DelCo web pages.